Let’s give our generation a healthy and green environment, while looking after those monthly bills WITH RENEWABLE ENERGY.

Solar Photovoltaic

Most known as Solar PV, is the most common way of generating your own electric by using the sunlight.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Known also as Air to Water Heat Pumps are an up and coming heating and hot water system.

Wind Turbines

These machines convert kinetic energy from the wind and transforms it into electricity.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electric Vehicle Charging Points make Electric Vehicle charging quicker and more economical than a standard charging cable.

Electric Energy Storage Systems (EESS)

Needing to store that energy your producing or want to store energy from a cheaper tarrif? Installing batteries will allow you to do so.

Property Insulation

Although not a renewable source. It is really important to reduce heat loss from your property to help bring down those monthly bills.

Bringing down the bills

We analyse data from your current bills and calculate potential ways to bring down your bills based on your budget, purpose, and properties needs.

Government Funding

There are several Government established schemes to help households achieve their goal of going 100% carbon neutral with renewable energy technologies.


Take a look at what our customers have to say about our services.

Dave Alberry from Flagship Renewables is an outstanding installer and has been truly professional throughout the entire installation of my solar panels, solar battery, inverter and iboost for hot water. Dave explained the entire process to me step by step and offered support and guidance wherever it was required. This was a very educational experience for me and Dave was keen to ensure that I had all the relevant information to be reassured that my system was working efficiently and productively. I would like to thank Dave and his team at Flagship Renewables for being incredibly supportive and for continuing to offer product support even after the installation has been completed. I would highly recommend this company for anyone wishing to receive high quality work completed by a conscientious team. Thank you for all your hard work and effort to Dave and his team.

Anna P

Experience with the workers was so pleasant, nicest and most understanding people I’ve met in this field. They Spoke through and explained what they was doing and shown me how to use my new unit in a way I could understand. Would recommend to all

Had Dave and the lads round for a full install on heat pump and all new radiators solar panels plus battery.fantastic job well pleased with how they worked very professional throughout the process I was that chuffed with the work I asked if they would install my bathroom ,Dave was only too pleased to give me a quote and will be coming back at a further date to complete my bathroom.
100% satisfaction top set of lads!

Mark Muff
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